IT job no experience: how to become a software tester?

Would you like to work as a software tester, but you don’t have enough experience? In this article, you will learn what personal qualities an IT software tester needs and we will also give you advice on how to get a job in IT, even if you are new to the field.

You can become a software tester even without experience or education

Do you have an eye for detail, are you consistent, patient and can spend hours on a project just to bring it to perfection? In that case, you meet the basic personality prerequisites for employment as an IT tester. In addition to soft skills, a degree in an IT discipline such as engineering, mathematics or computer science is a good starting point for you, but it’s not essential.

The conditions for the selection procedure vary from company to company. Not every IT company has opportunities for further training of employees and prefers more experienced candidates. Therefore, when choosing a future job, you should take into account the opportunities for further growth or employee benefits. Colleagues with many years of experience can make it much easier for you as a newcomer to integrate into the team and give you advice when you need it.

At the start of your career, you will as Software tester junior be probably manually testing and verifying the correct functioning of software according to pre-prepared test scenarios. The next step in your career will be automated testing, where you write your activity into a script and leave the testing to the software. If you are an IT tester with no experience, but you have all the personality prerequisites, do not hesitate and send us your CV. In msg life Slovakia we will give a chance to everyone with an interest in the field of information technology and digital insurance.

Knowledge of German and English will open doors to the world of IT

If you want to keep moving forward in your career, knowledge of foreign languages and good communication skills are essential. Many important software tester courses, the latest materials and news from the world of IT are produced abroad, so English or German will be used daily. Almost everyone should have a good English communication skills, especially people applying for a job in an IT company. However, if you improve your German, both written and spoken, to at least B2 level, your chances of getting a job as a software tester will increase. In addition, an IT tester with German is better paid financially.

Man it tester smiles into the camera
Get a job as an IT software tester without any experience or years of experience.

Get interested in IT and learn

Experience as a tester or in IT in general is not necessary in junior level jobs, but being interested in working in IT is more than necessary. Your chances of getting hired will be higher if your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile shows that you have a background in IT and have tried to get at least the basic information you need for a job as a software tester. It can be an internship, a non-profit project or a software tester course.

If you’re serious about getting a job and testing in IT, you can invest in ISTQB software testing certification (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). On this international course, you will learn the basic terminology and concepts used in testing around the world. This IT tester course is more costly, but it can help you a lot in the testing area. At msg life Slovakia you can take the ISTQB course as an employee as part of our company benefits for free.

Come to the interview well prepared and leave a good impression

There’s nothing worse than sending an original CV and cover letter full of determination and vision and not being able to defend it in an interview. Therefore, if you get an invitation to interview for any job, prepare yourself thoroughly. The prospective software tester is expected to be sufficiently communicative and at the same time know basic information about the company he/she is applying for.

Study the company’s projects, achievements and focus. Go through your potential job description and familiarize yourself with the basic concepts you should know that are related to the job of a tester. Ask a lot of questions in the interview if you get the space to do so and show interest in the job. Communicate your skills and abilities on your CVthat will set you apart from other applicants and leave a good impression.

If you have decided that you want to give a chance for a tester position in a leading IT company, remember that more than education we at msg Slovakia value scholarship and determination. Of course, a good software tester course or a close relationship with IT will also help you. See our free job positions at IT tester jobs and maybe you’ll be the newest member of our expert software testing team.

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