IT jobs for beginners to jumpstart your career

Are you a junior in the world of IT and looking for a job that you can handle without years of experience? Jobs such as junior IT tester, junior programmer or IT consultant may be the right choice for you. They mostly require only the basics of programming, knowledge of a foreign language and a willingness to learn new things.

Working in the IT sector is no longer just for candidates with a university degree and years of experience. Junior IT jobs are also Junior IT beginners, and there is a number of options. These are jobs you can do even if you’re new to IT.

Start your career as a junior IT tester

The job description of a junior software tester involves testing software, applications or websites, and this consists of finding, reporting and solving bugs and defects found in products. A person who works in software tester jobs works closely with programmers, consultants, analysts and project managers. What does a software tester do ? The job description of an IT tester includes the following tasks:

  • managing the software testing process,
  • designing the scope and strategy of testing,
  • preparation and recording of manual and automated test cases,
  • concept expertise and systems testing,
  • support for customers in testing and deployment of software products,
  • preparation of reports,
  • control of testing activities.


As a junior IT tester, you can advance your career to the position of IT tester for automated testing. The automation tester ensures the execution of automated tests based on input from colleagues. It is primarily about creating, running and evaluating tests using internal tools. However, automated testing requires more responsibility and demands, which are on the other hand compensated by higher software tester salary.

Java programmer junior with knowledge of foreign languages

To get a job as a junior Java developer you need to have first experience of programming in Java and speak English at an advanced level. German language skills are also a great advantage, as many IT companies in Slovakia, including msg life Slovakia (you can read About ushere), have their parent companies in German-speaking countries. If you don’t know German language, you can learn it additionally in a specific job. IT companies often offer training courses and other employee benefits so you don’t have to worry about having to know everything when you start. The essential tasks of the software engineer position include:

  • developing computer applications, mobile apps and websites in different programming languages,
  • Analysing client requirements, assessing potential risks and associated technical issues,
  • contributing to the development of technical specifications,
  • handing over the completed work to clients/testers for testing,
  • detecting and fixing functional and security bugs in the source code,
  • handover of finished software applications to clients, project manager, etc,
  • providing technical support to clients.


Depending on how quickly you get a grip on the junior Java developer position, your programmer’s salary will also increase accordingly. Working as a software engineer, you will learn to work with individual technologies and if you add further education, you can work your way up to the position of a senior Java developer in a few years, and your financial evaluation will grow with it. Employing a software developer has many advantages , with instructions on how to get started programming a how to become a programmer is relatively simple and can be done by anyone interested in working as a developer.

The IT support junior position is mainly about communication

Another junior position in the IT world is junior IT support specialist. In this job, you have to have good communication skills, because you are in constant contact with customers in case something is not clear to them or something is not working. You have to be patient and not take customer complaints too personally. It’s clear that they will contact you when they need help, not when they want to praise you. In addition to communication, this job requires excellent knowledge of the product you are providing support for. The main tasks of customer support are:

  • providing advice and support to users,
  • problem analysis and troubleshooting,
  • problem solving and prevention,
  • reporting incidents to the administrator,
  • care of user accounts,
  • cooperation with external suppliers,
  • project implementation support activities..


At the beginning, you as an employee will receive training to get you to be familiar with the issues you will encounter most often. By gaining experience, you can move up to a higher level where you’ll solve more technical problems. However, this also requires higher technical skills. As with other positions, helpdesk operator jobs grow in salary based on your skills and your experience.

Customer support in the position of IT support
As an IT support junior, you will communicate and help resolve customer issues when using a product or software application.

Junior IT Project Manager helps with project management

If you are looking for a job opportunity in the IT sector while you are still at school and have a talent for process management, you can apply for the position of Project Management Assistant – Student. As a graduate, you will have sufficient experience and knowledge to be employed as a junior IT project manager. With this job comes the responsibility of managing smaller projects as well as assisting more experienced project and program managers in managing larger projects. Other roles of the Junior IT Project Manager are:

  • Planning, managing, controlling and ensuring project objectives,
  • regular reporting on the status of the project,
  • support and care for existing customers and cooperation in acquiring new customers and projects,
  • communication in English and German.

The position of actuary and actuarial technician in IT is also suitable for a student

If you are studying mathematics, actuarial science, computer science or a related field, the job of actuary and actuarial student is perfect for you. You don’t need many years of experience in software development to work as a junior actuary, as you will gain all the necessary knowledge in this job. All you need is an interest in Java programming, good English and knowledge of mathematics or actuarial science. The job description for this position includes:

  • help in design and development of software solutions in Java,
  • mathematical kernel programming,
  • responsibility for math tests,
  • analysis and optimization of IT systems,
  • code quality assurance and optimization.

IT consultant junior as a connecting element with the customer

If you are not technically skilled and prefer contact with people rather than sitting behind a computer, the job of IT consultant junior is the ideal solution for you. In this role you will provide advice and support to customers and communicate with programmers and testers on whether customer requirements can be met. The IT consultant meets with the customer after the purchase of the product, helps him in training for the use of the product and writes down the requirements for its modification to suit the customer.

To work as a junior IT consultant you will need analytical thinking, knowledge and insight into the insurance industry and a very good knowledge of foreign languages, especially English and German. You will also need a basic knowledge of programming so that you can communicate directly to the customer whether or not their requirements will be feasible. That way you won’t have to consult with programmers. The IT Consultant is responsible for tasks such as:

  • Knowledge of the product he/she is helping the customer to work with,
  • analysis of client requirements,
  • suggestions for process optimization and their implementation,
  • support and advice,
  • active communication with the customer,
  • preparation of instructions for use of the product for the customer.


Working in IT has never been more accessible than it is now. With the constant development of new innovative technologies, the younger generation simply has the technological skills up their sleeve. That’s why a job in IT is especially suitable for young and dynamic people who want to learn new things and constantly improve. But don’t be discouraged even if you’ve already tried a few careers and are thinking of changing jobs. Our doors are open to everyone.

If you are interested in any of the above jobs and have the desire to work in an international IT company, take a look at the vacancies job offers for it testers or open jobs offers for programmers and join us as an IT junior.

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