What is the software tester salary depending on the position

The job of an IT tester is not only extremely interesting, but also attractively financially rewarding. IT is one of the best paid sectors to work in, and areas such as software testing, website and application testing, testing in the support and insurance sectors are no exception. In this article, you’ll find out how much you can earn in a job as an IT tester specialist in various positions.

The main job description of an IT tester consists of testing software applicationswhich includes finding, recording and reporting bugs and defects for ensuring the functionality as well as the security of the software for its users. A software tester is thus an important member of the team in the development and each product update, which is also reflected in his salary.

How much can you earn as an IT tester

The gross monthly salary of an IT tester in Slovakia is from 1 295€ to 2 553€, with 10% of testers earning less than 1 295€ and 10% earning more than 2 553€. As a junior IT tester, you can earn around 1,300€ per month, which is quite interesting considering the requirements of the job, especially if you are just starting your career in IT.

Junior software tester should have completed secondary or higher education, know at least one programming language, a foreign language and the basics of SQL and XML to analyze and manipulate test data. So in most cases, you will have enough basic knowledge to use if you get a job.

If you already have work experience as an IT tester and know programming as well as a foreign language at an advanced level, you can apply for a position medior IT tester depending on previous employment and years of experience as a tester.

The salary of a medior tester is around 1 900 €, while as senior software tester you can earn up to 2,500€ in ideal case. However, the salary of an IT tester also depends on other factors such as specialisation, your skills and experience, your knowledge and level of foreign languages or even on the project you will be working on.

IT software tester junior working on a laptop at homeoffice
As a junior IT tester, you can earn around 1,300€ per month.

Automated software testing position is better financially evaluated

If you want to give software tester jobs a shot, remember that as a tester for automated testing you will earn more than an IT tester for manual testing. Although a software tester often performs automated testing in addition to manual application testing, the job description of an IT tester automation specialist as well as the requirements for this position are more demanding and extensive.

IT tester for automated testing creates, runs and evaluates automated tests and also creates and maintains automated test scripts. You will need advanced scripting in Shell or Windows Script, advanced knowledge of SQL and XML, and experience with automation in Selenium or comparable tools.

Due to the higher demands on the IT automation tester, his salary is also higher. The gross monthly salary in jobs for software testers specialised in automated testing in Slovakia is from 1 547 € for junior positions to 3 012 € for senior IT testers.

Knowledge of foreign languages pays off

You will need at least one foreign language to work as an IT tester. Speaking English at an advanced level never hurt anyone, but if you’re thinking about learning another language, German is a great alternative. As specialist IT tester with German language you will earn more than a regular tester, mainly due to lower supply from employees and higher demand from employers.

At msg life Slovakia, for example, we are looking for testers with German language skills. We work in an international team managed by a parent company based in Germany, so proficiency in German at least on B2 level in both written and verbal is required for several positions. However, if you need to improve your language skills or would like to take them to the next level, we offer free language courses on-site for our employees to use for further training.

In addition, we offer other interesting employee benefits, above-standard financial evaluation and the possibility of career growth. Browse our offers IT tester jobs and kick-start your IT career as a software tester, IT tester for automation or as an IT tester consultant for the insurance industry with a focus on life and/or non-life insurance.

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