IT software tester: Job description and advantages

Are you thinking about changing a job or starting a career in IT, but you’re not sure what you can expect from a job as a software tester? In this article you will find out what the job description of an IT tester is and we will also reveal the basic benefits of working as a tester, which will show you that this profession is really suitable for everyone and that it offers many benefits for beginners as well as for senior software testers.

Software testing is essential to ensure the best possible user experience with the product provided. As an irreplaceable member of the team, the Software Tester is responsible for finding, recording and reporting bugs and defects found in the software. Within the job of a software tester comes the responsibility for the quality, stability, functionality and security of the final product. Read about What does a software tester do in another article.

Job description and requirements for the job of IT tester

The main job of a tester is to test software to ensure continuous maintenance and improve its quality and security. Responsible for coordination and control of the software testing process, designing the scope as well as the strategy of the testing itself, preparing and recording test cases, report of found bugs, support for customers and preparation and evaluation of regression tests for clients’ products after each software change.

To work as a tester you need experience with at least one programming language, knowledge of SQL and XML, good communication and organizational skills and analytical thinking. You should also be a detail-oriented person and speak German at an advanced level. Software tester junior on the other hand, can get by with basic programming knowledge and a willingness to learn new things.

What are the benefits of working as a software tester?

Now that you know what a job as a software tester includes, it’s time to take a look at the main advantages and software tester job benefits . Above standard software tester salary is far from the only thing you can look forward to in this IT job.

1. Choice of location and focus

Every industry that uses software can’t do well without testing it. As a software tester, you have a wide range of career opportunities, from testing software and software applications to websites and applications or other products. Where you work depends entirely on which area you choose to work in, but remember that some sectors pay more than others. For example, you’ll earn more as an automated tester than a manual tester, and your German language skills may also earn you a higher salary.

Software testers discuss their project at a meeting
Working as an IT tester allows you to develop your creativity.

2. Continuous expansion of knowledge and know-how

The IT sector is one of the constantly evolving and changing industries. That’s why you don’t have to worry about stagnation or stereotype alongside your job as a tester. Part of your job will be to follow trends and new technologies in software testing and then learn and use them in practice. Every day you will have the opportunity to learn something new, which will not only advance your career, but also your personality.

3. Rich career opportunities

With new technologies, the necessity of software testing to ensure its optimal required quality and stability is also increasing and with it the demand for good software testers, who play an important role in the field of software development, is also growing. Anyone can become a tester, regardless of previous experience or work experience. Thanks to the high demand, you can easily get a foothold on the job market and start your career in IT, for example as a junior IT tester.

4. Developing creative thinking

A big part of the job of a software tester is to develop creativity. When testing software applications, you need to be innovative and think like a customer to understand and detect all the possible bugs and flaws that a user may encounter when using the software. So don’t be afraid to engage your creativity, try new trends and don’t be limited by tried and tested methods when solving problems.

5. Never-ending challenges

If you’re the kind of person who thrives on pushing yourself, overcoming new challenges and solving complex problems, you won’t be bored as a software tester. Each software, application or website has different specifics and faces different problems. This requires looking at the product from different perspectives and adopting a new approach with each new test.

Working as a software tester brings you many benefits that will undoubtedly level up you in your career and personal life. If you’re interested in working as an IT tester, check out our vacancies for IT tester jobs and be part of a leading IT company focused on building the future of digital insurance.

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