How much is IT tester salary in Slovakia?

The role of the IT tester is to find, record and report detected errors, thus contributing to the improvement of the user experience, functionality and security of the use of the website, software, insurance applications or products. Are you looking for how much is the salary of an IT software tester? In this article, we will focus on the average salary of an IT tester on the Slovak market and we will talk about what the evaluation in the job of a software engineer depends on.

The IT software tester job is one of the most frequently filled positions that the IT field offers. Regular software testing is essential during development and after each update to ensure smooth functionality and security of software applications or products. The IT tester ensures that the software product meets the expected requirements and that it contains as few bugs and defects as possible compared to the original requirements. He is therefore an invaluable part of any team and his financial evaluation should reflect that.

The tester’s specialisation also affects his evaluation

Salaries for IT testers vary depending on whether it is a part-time job alongside university or a regular job with experience in the position. If you are interested in an IT tester job offer and you are thinking about being a tester in Slovakia, remember that the salary for an IT tester job depends on several factors. The most important ones are:

  • your skills and experience,
  • knowledge of foreign languages,
  • the position (junior, intermediate, senior) you are interested in,
  • the level of interest of the project you will be working on,
  • your specialization.

The job specialization also determines the financial remuneration and the skills required. As an IT tester you can specialize in general testing, website and web application testing, software testing, which includes software application testing and software product testing. But you can also get a job as an IT tester consultant for the insurance sector, support or IT tester automation specialist.

Requirements for the IT Tester position

Basically anyone can start working as a software tester. In most cases, successful completion of secondary or university education I or II degree is required. , but more important is the knowledge and skills acquired. IT testers often start out in the workforce as students in college, during which time they gain and apply valuable experience in practice. If you already have experience, you will definitely get an adequate evaluation or salary as an IT tester.

What skills do you need to become an IT tester?

In most cases, in addition to manual testing, your role will also include automated IT testing. You will need at least a basic knowledge of programming, ideally in Java, Python or C#. It’s enough to know at least one, and at msg life Slovakia we use programming language Java the most. SQL skills for analyzing and manipulating test data and XML are also essential for the job of a software tester in IT.

Other skills will depend directly on the specific position you are applying for. For example, an IT automation tester must be proficient in advanced scripting in Shell or Windows Script and have experience with automation in Selenium or comparable tools. Working as an IT software application tester requires knowledge of common testing methods and tools, such as ISTQB certification or experience with tools like Jira, Selenium, git or Eclipse, which you will use on a daily basis.

IT software tester looks through salaries data on a laptop
A university degree is not usually required to work as an IT tester.

Soft skills and language skills are also important

In addition to technical skills, you will also need some soft skills, as communication and error reporting will be your daily routine. So you should be extremely precise, have an sharp eye for detail and very good communication skills to be able to name the errors and shortcomings correctly, find a suitable solution and communicate it to the development team.

If you’re an IT tester with German language on a project where you work in that language, that’s a huge advantage. If we talk about language skills, at msg life Slovakia the key is a knowledge of German at least at B2 level, both written and verbal. We work in an international team managed by a parent company based in Germany, so you’ll definitely find German useful here. This also determines your salary, which is higher for an IT tester with German as a specialist than for a regular tester.

Career development for IT testers

Working as a tester isn’t easy, but it’s a great way to kick-start your IT career. Entry-level positions don’t require a lot of experience or knowledge, and in most cases, the basics will do. However, your skills and experience will also determine your salary. In junior positions you can earn around 1,300€, while as a senior IT tester you can earn up to around 2,500€ per month. The average gross monthly salary of an IT tester is around 2000 €, which is extremely attractive financial evaluation in Slovakia.

As a specialist IT tester, you can work your way up to IT tester for automated tests, Scrum Master, IT analyst, IT project manager, IT manager, IT architect or business IT consultant, depending on the direction you decide to take. Based on your career path, you can expect a salary increase, but also more responsibility and requirments for the position.

Don’t just look at the financial evaluation

The salary of an IT tester is not everything. Of course, most of us notice the salary first when we see a job offer and then filter the offers accordingly. If it seems too low compared to the average salary of the position, our lifestyle, experience or simply our expectations, we move on to another one.

However, it’s important to remember that in addition to the pay, the potential experience the job offers you is also an extra benefit. We certainly don’t advise you to work under the average financial rate, but especially for junior positions you will often find that the salary offered doesn’t seem high enough. But don’t be discouraged, because it’s the experience you gain in entry-level positions that will make you more valuable in the job market, and your financial valuation will rise with it.

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