Quality management in development and software testing

Quality Management is the process of managing company activities and processes that are carried out to ensure the highest possible quality of the solutions delivered to clients, throughout their entire life cycle. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of quality management in an IT company as well as the processes that are an integral part of quality management, including software testing.

Innovative products as well as solutions drive the current era full of technological advances. However, in order to ensure the credibility of the company and guarantee the quality of the resulting products, it is essential not to underestimate quality management within the management structure. The main advantages of quality management include:

  • better understanding of customer needs and requirements,
  • greater efficiency in the quality assurance process for products and services,
  • increased customer satisfaction,
  • increased profit,
  • Visible progress in internal communication and employee participation.

Three processes are part of quality management

If we talk about quality management of products and services, it is necessary to mention three processes that occur during quality management in a company, namely planning, quality assurance and quality control.

1. Quality planning by the manager

This process includes defining project goals, objectives, procedures and relevant quality standards, setting criteria for products and services delivered as well as testing requirements, assigning responsibilities to individual team members, changing documentation and measuring the quality process. Individual processes must be planned by the project manager or supervisor and documented.

2. Quality Assurance in product development

The second process in quality management is quality assurance. It is a systematic process of determining whether a product or service meets the specified customer requirements and predefined standards and norms, and whether it conforms to the project brief and specification. Verification and validation activities are used to check how the software reflects the requirements:

  • Verification is used to determine whether a sub-product conforms to specified requirements.
  • Validation verifies that the complete/partial product meets the customer’s requirements.

An important part of Quality Assurance at msg life is also software testing with the intention of finding functional, content, logical, and system errors, deficiencies, defects, or missing requirements. The goal of testing is to ensure that the software product meets the expected implicit as well as explicit requirements and that it contains no critical bugs or as few possible bugs as possible.

Testing is carried out by software tester (check mgstester for more info) who may specialize as either manual or automation tester. Depending on this, the following will subsequently take place IT tester salary and his/her job description. More info about employment, ”what does a software tester do?” and what are software tester job benefits can be found on our blog.

An IT tester with tam hair in a grey turtleneck sits in front of a computer monitor and stares into it
Quality planning, quality assurance and quality control are all part of quality management.

The primary benefits of software testing are quality assurance, security and better performance of the product and the development process, client satisfaction and cost reduction due to earlier detection of defects and their immediate correction. Thus, underestimating software testing can have a negative impact on the functionality, quality and security of the software.

3. Quality control in software development

The last process in quality management is the inspection aspect of quality management. Quality control is primarily about comparing the final product with the established requirements, quality standards or technical specifications of all stakeholders in order to eliminate unsatisfactory results and create a product or service that meets all established requirements.

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