Best IT software tester courses online and offline

You don’t need years of experience or even a university degree to work as a software tester. You can do this job even with an IT tester course. There are a large number of courses available on the market at different levels. Which courses for IT testers are worth taking and which are the best?

Choose a software tester course depending on whether you are a junior in testing or if you already know the basic concepts of software testing and want to move to a higher level. You can choose between paid or free courses, either face-to-face or online. It is also a good idea to take into account the language you want to learn and how much time you can invest in it. For example, if you’re still studying at university and are considering a course that will prepare you for a career in IT, or you have other family or work commitments related to other jobs, it’s ideal for weekend IT tester course. If, on the other hand, you have more free time and prefer more impact learning, intensive courses for testers will be the right alternative.

Also assess whether you would benefit from help from a tutor or whether you would prefer to go down the self-learning route, and whether the course is sufficiently up-to-date – this is especially true for free resources. Another parameter that you should consider when choosing an IT course should be the possibility of getting a certificate of completion. Thanks to it, you will not only have proof of completion of the course, but you can also use it to confirm your knowledge in the field of software testing when looking for an IT job, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by many employers.

Free and low-cost courses for IT testers

If you’re just getting acquainted with software testing, a good place to start is to first learn the basic terminology you’ll need when you’re working as a tester. You can read a few books to get started or take a free software tester course for beginners. Website offers dozens of free software testing tutorials. You will find information on the basics of testing, examples of different types of testing and tutorials on developing test cases.

LearnVern currently offers up to 28 different free courses for IT testers. After registering, you can sign up for any of them and learn the basics of SQL, MySQL, Selenium testing, understand mobile app testing or PL/SQL Oracle. These courses work through educational videos, articles, and exercises that can take you dozens of hours to complete.

Another popular platform where you can take various IT courses for beginners and intermediate students is Coursea. You can choose from general oriented courses or courses that focus on a specific topic, such as automated testing, web and mobile testing, Selenium testing, or Black-box and White-box testing. After signing up, you’ll get a seven-day free trial with unlimited access. Courses are available for reading only and if you want to take one of them and get a certificate upon completion, you have to pay for it.

You can find low-cost testing courses for beginners, after which you will also receive a certificate, at Udemy. During the training you will learn how to become a QA tester, what a typical working day of a software tester looks like, how much an IT tester earns and you will also learn the basic terminology or types of problems that a tester solves. These courses are definitely worth doing, especially if you want to give IT testing a chance for a job. On Udemy, you’ll also find courses for testers at a higher level, as well as courses that will quickly explain a specific problem you can’t solve.

Free courses for beginner testers
Choose the appropriate testing course according to your current level of testing and the goal you want to achieve.

Comprehensive courses for testers not only online

If you are determined to start your career as a software tester and want to push your boundaries and knowledge to a higher level, we recommend you to take courses that are not only beneficial for you, but also appreciated by your future employer. You do pay extra for these courses, but their value is not comparable to taking free courses. Ultimately, after a one-month course, you’ll be on the same level in the workplace as a graduate who has studied for several years.

IT testing courses in Slovak language

Online education in society IT v kurze through a five-month course, educates future IT-skills in the Software Tester, Java, C# and Front-End Developer training programs. A great advantage is the completion of the course in Slovak language.

For the intensive course for software testers, you have to set aside up to three hours a day for five months for joint seminars, tutorials and exercises. The training takes place online and during the training there is direct communication and interaction between the student and the lecturer and with other students in the virtual classroom. Upon successful completion of the course , you will receive a MAC in Software Testing certificate. On the course you will learn the basics of HTML, SQL and XML, prepare scripts and tests in SAHI and Selenium applications, perform performance testing, as well as effectively manage your time, work in a team or create a resume that catches the eye.

The most sought-after certificate in testing is clearly the International ISTQB certificate. Getting one can help you get a job in software testing. The ISTQB certificate is obtained after you have successfully passed the exam, for which you can prepare with the help of a preparatory course. You can get up to three levels, basic, advanced and expert. You don’t need any previous IT experience to take the basic ISTQB course and you can even take it in Slovak. It takes approximately seven weeks to obtain the certificate.

Online training courses for software testers in Slovak are also offered Skillmea where you can find courses for manual and automated testing in Selenium,, Robot Framework or Python. Software Development Academy provides a weekend distance learning software tester course, during which you will learn manual testing as well as automated testing. Another option is comprehensive software testing courses from IT Learning Slovakia suitable for junior and senior testers.

Testing for beginners QA course

QA ACADEMY offers a full-time course designed for beginners. This course is focused on practical skills and after completing it you will master the basics of IT testing, know the most common test creation techniques, master the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, learn how to use the Java tool and also learn the basics of automated testing and use the Scrum methodology. You will have 36 hours of tuition divided into 5 weeks, and you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course as a matter of course. However, this course is only available in English, so you need to have a communicative level of English.

Software tester course for women

The stereotype that work in IT is mainly for men has long been overcome. It was scientist Grace Hopper who first used the term bug to refer to a bug that occurs during software development and is discovered during software testing. If you are a future tester and would like to learn testing in the company of other women, you can take a two-month Women Tester Academy course. It is designed exclusively for women and aims to prepare participants for software testing of applications and larger functional units. The course includes a final test, which will earn you a certificate in IT. To pass, you will need at least a passive knowledge of the English language (reading comprehension), your own computer and enough time to study.

Completing IT tester courses will open the door to stable and in-demand jobs in information technology. In addition to the interesting IT tester salary you can continuously grow and advance in your career. We in msg life Slovakia are regularly looking for skilled software testers, automated testers, as well as business and IT consultants. See job vacancies at IT Tester jobsthat we are constantly updating.

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