IT software tester salary and employee benefits in msg life Slovakia

The IT sector is one of the best financially valued sectors in Slovakia and in addition to above-standard salaries, it also brings stable jobs to the labour market. If you are thinking about starting your career in IT, pay attention, because the position of a software tester is one of the best starting positions. Find out what is the software tester salary and what benefits this IT job brings to the table.

The most frequently filled tester positions include manual tester and automated software tester at junior, intermediate and senior levels. Software tester salary depends on the level of the position, your skills and experience, but in general, the gross salary of an IT tester in Slovakia is from 1 300 € to 3 000 €.

Other tester positions include IT tester specialist, IT analyst, scrum master or IT tester consultant and business IT consultant. These IT positions come with higher requirements and request for long-term software testing experience. However, further education, dedication and hard work are guaranteed to pay off, because as a Scrum Master you can earn up to 3 800 € gross, which is a really attractive financial evaluation for Slovak conditions.

What is the salary of a software tester in msg life

The job description of an IT tester generally consists of testing software applications, logging bugs and making sure that they are fixed to ensure functional and secure software. However, with regard to specific positions, the response to question ‘What does a software tester do ‘ varies and adapts to each position. This also determines how much an IT tester earns as well as what are the requirements for admission in a particular job.

Manual software testing is a great first step.

The gross monthly salary of a manual tester ranges from 1,295€ to 2,553€. Considering the fact that you don’t need a college degree or previous experience in the field to get a job as a junior software tester, this is an extremely attractive salary. However, it’s not that easy and as a junior IT tester you need to know at least one programming language, a foreign language and the basics of SQL and XML to analyse and manipulate test data. You can easily acquire these skills after graduation IT tester course. If you want to earn up to €2,500 as a manual tester, you need to continuously educate yourself, gain the necessary experience and work your way up to a senior software tester through the job of a medior tester. Save hundreds of euros with a company benefit offered by msg life Slovakia for its employees in the position of tester.

You can take a seven-week preparatory course for free and get ISTQB international certification (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). This is one of the leading certifications in the field of software application testing that will help you improve your skill level. No previous experience is required to take the course, so it is suitable for complete beginners.

Work in automated software testing is better valued

An Automation Tester creates, runs and evaluates automated tests and test scripts, so your manual testing skills must extend to creating scripts in Shell or Windows Script. In addition, you need a deeper understanding of SQL and XML and gain valuable experience in automated testing using automated software testing tools. A software tester in Slovakia earns between €1,547 and €3,012 gross, with 10% of software testers earning less than this salary and 10% of testers earning more. At msg life Slovakia you can earn even more as an IT tester for automated testing. The offered salary is from 1 800 € gross and as a bonus you also get regular bonuses. For this position, a knowledge of German language at least at B2 level in both written and verbal form and experience with automation tool is essential, can be Selenium or another comparable tool.

In addition to an interesting salary, you will also get the opportunity to build your career in IT, in-depth training, the opportunity to improve your German language skills directly on business trips abroad and even the opportunity to work directly for a client in Germany.

Attractive salary and benefits of working in msg life Slovakia
At msg life, we offer more than 70 work benefits that employees can take advantage of.

IT consultant for the insurance industry earns up to 3 500 €

The role of the IT tester consultant is to coordinate software testing, independently prepare professional functional tests and create cases. The consultant also advises on technical issues for colleagues or customers and communicates with other testers and developers. To get a job as an IT consultant and earn up to 3 500 €, you need very good communication skills in Slovak and German, basic SQL and XML, experience in the insurance industry and you must be willing to travel abroad for work. The salary of an IT tester in Slovakia ranges from €1,391 to €3,555 depending on experience. As a consultant for msg life, you will gain long-term cooperation and the opportunity to advance your career in IT development, finance and insurance. The most common career path for an IT consultant is IT analyst, IT architect or IT manager. At the beginning you will earn €1,400 gross, but this is a starting salary that can soon increase with your effort and skill. If you meet all the requirements and are interested in becoming an IT consultant, see latest job offers and maybe you will become our new colleague.

The job business IT consultant is the best rated in msg life

With the employment of a business consultant comes great responsibility, because the consultant is the connecting element between the users of the system and the software development. After intensive training and familiarization with the existing business logic, he creates expert concepts and detailed assignments to adapt the software to the customer’s framework conditions. The role of a business consultant is to analyse customer requirements and be responsible for the professional integration of business processes. Up to three years of software testing experience and very good communication skills in German are required for this position. If you have a sense of teamwork, logical and analytical thinking, are flexible, independent and have good organisational skills, join us as our new business IT consultant.

At msg life we offer you a starting salary of €2,000 gross, which is approximately €300 more than the average starting salary for this position in other IT companies. In addition, we can promise you high-quality internal and external training, language courses, financial security and a long-term employment relationship.

Benefits of working as a tester in msg life Slovakia

As an IT tester at msg life, you will not only receive interesting financial compensation, but also dozens of employee benefits. These vary from job to job according to the needs of the employees, but at msg life Slovakia we also offer a number ofemployee benefits for all positions. Our leading IT company cares about the education, health, growth and work-life balance of its employees, and some of the most popular employee benefits include:

  • regular performance and Christmas bonuses, referral bonus when referring a new employee and €200 hobby allowance,
  • Flexible working hours, possibility to work at Home Office, paid day off on New Year’s Eve or possibility to work during parental leave,
  • the prospect of long-term cooperation, support in extraordinary life situations, stable financial and career growth,
  • Certification and professional training, free language courses and working with the latest technologies,
  • individual and friendly approach, organization of events for children, teambuilding, team sports activities and regular gifts for employees,
  • yoga, meditation and painting classes, relaxation zone and table football, company fitness, free parking and massages on site.

If the benefits offered as well as the salary of an IT tester appeal to you and you have decided to give these jobs a chance, send us your CV for a specific position and become part of an internationally thriving IT company based in Bratislava, Košice and Žilina. Take advantage of attractive company benefits and the premium salary that working in IT offers.

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