8 reasons to choose a software testing career

Do you enjoy working with technology, love innovation and want to start your career in the IT sector, but don’t know where and how to start? A job as a software tester could be the right first step for you to start a successful IT career. In this article we will describe the main benefits of working as an IT tester.

The main task of a software tester is to find, identify and record defects in the software under development in order to eliminate errors, ensure its functionality, quality, reliability and smooth operation according to the needs and requirements of the client. What does a software tester do? Job description of IT tester consists of several related tasks. The first step is to prepare the appropriate conditions for testing the software. The tester then initiates testing, after which he evaluates the results and interprets the findings. Finally, he develops appropriate procedures to address and correct identified deficiencies and problems.

IT tester jobs come with interesting benefits

You don’t need much to get started as a software tester. As software tester junior you’ll get by with the basics of programming, knowledge of a foreign language and a willingness to learn. To work as a tester in medior and senior positions you will need experience with at least one programming language, knowledge of SQL and XML, good analytical thinking and communication as well as organizational skills. However, continuing education is guaranteed to pay off, especially for a few key it tester job advantages.

Software testers are in high demand

The job of an IT tester is one of the most demanded jobs. There is a great demand for quality and experienced testers on the market, but if your searching queries looks like this : IT job no experience needed, don’t worry, you can also find a job in the field of software testing. Currently, there are approximately 166 job offers among software tester jobs on one online portal, only within the Bratislava region. So you won’t be in a job shortage and you don’t have to worry about not being able to get a job in the industry. There are never enough quality, responsible and initiative testers.

There is an interesting financial compensation waiting for you

The salary may also be attractive for many candidates. The starting salary for a junior software tester ranges from 1,295€ to 2,553€. However, when choosing an IT job, do not forget that the amount of software tester salary depends on several factors. In particular, experience in software testing, acquired experience and skills of the candidate, but also language skills and focus play a major role.

As long as you are smart and constantly work on yourself and expand your knowledge, you can work your way up to higher positions, where your salary can be around 3,000€, which is undoubtedly an attractive financial evaluation for a tester.

A great start to a career in the IT sector

If your goal is to pursue a career in information technology, a software tester job could be a great way to start your successful IT career. In this job, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about application, web and software development, or work with experienced programmers and IT consultants.

The knowledge and experience you gain will follow you throughout your career, and it’s up to you whether you decide to stay in software testing or give another job a chance after a while. There is a number of IT jobs for beginners, so you’re guaranteed to have plenty to choose from.

Opportunity to work with successful people in the IT sector
As an IT tester, you will become part of the development team.

You will be in a team with software application developers

As an IT Tester, you will become an essential part of the work team. As part of your job, you will have the opportunity to work with programmers and IT developers on many interesting projects, where you will be involved in the development of applications, websites, software or other products. You will get the opportunity to learn from professionals who will be happy to help and advise you with any problem.

Every day is different when working as a software tester

You’ll never be bored as an IT tester. You’ll be constantly innovating, testing with new trends and technologies in testing, and taking on interesting projects. Thanks to the variety of work activities, the job of a tester is ideal for people who have problems with the feeling of burnout due to workload, routine work, stereotype or stagnation.

Learning as a software tester is never ending activity.

As an IT tester, you have the opportunity to continuously expand your knowledge and skills. Each software, application and website works on a different principle and has different parameters. In this job, you’ll be exposed to new technologies and practices in software testing on a regular basis. That’s why it’s essential that you also pursue further education in your spare time and not just during working hours. You can find help in the literature, on the internet or online or in person IT tester courses for beginners and experienced software testers.

You can get a job anywhere

Software testing uses processes that can be applied in every sector that uses testing. As an IT tester, you can work anywhere and test a banking application, insurance software or you can test the functionality of websites or e-shops, for example. General software testing principles are similar in many ways in each development cycle, and software testers are in demand in each of these industries.

The software tester job brings many benefits, which we have summarized in the article software tester job benefits . In addition to the above, you can look forward to flexible working hours, Home Office, the opportunity to work on your own projects or business trips. As a leading IT company, we provide our employees with attractive employee benefits including the possibility of obtaining the international ISTQB certification for IT testers for free.

If you are creative, innovative, enjoy programming and want to be involved in the development of new applications, websites or software, a job as a software tester will be the right career choice for you. V msg life Slovakia we are looking for ambitious testers with a passion for software testing. If you are interested in working in an international team of experts on exciting IT projects, check out our vacancies for IT tester jobsthat we update regularly and become part of our team.

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