What does a software tester do? Let us introduce you to the job of an IT tester

Are you interested in a job as a software tester, but don’t know what to expect? If you want to learn more about what an IT tester does and what a typical working day looks like, continue to read on. In this article we will describe the main tasks of a software tester in msg life Slovakia depending on his/her specific position.

An IT tester oversees and ensures the functionality, usability and security of software, including software products and applications, websites or other areas. Tester is primarily responsible for software testing, testing of websites or other products in order to ensure the best user experience with our clients’ applications and the related preservation of the IT company’s reputation and the continuous improvement of our products.

Tasks of a software tester

The main task of an IT software application tester is to find, report and resolve identified bugs and defects in our products that could compromise the quality or stability of our software. A software tester works closely with other IT jobs such as developers, programmers, consultants, analysts and project managers. The job description of an IT tester includes the following tasks:

  • managing the software testing process,
  • designing the scope and strategy of testing,
  • preparation and recording of test cases (manual and automated),
  • concept expertise and systems testing,
  • support for customers in testing and deployment of software products,
  • preparation of reports,
  • control of testing activities.

The job of a software tester also involves tasks such as preparing and then evaluating regression tests for our clients’ products. Tests are run after every software change to ensure the software runs smoothly. In addition, the IT tester also solves JIRA tickets and uses JIRA to report detected errors and deficiencies, which are then corrected by the developers. Once the bugs have been resolved, the tester will retest the software to make sure that the identified problem has actually been fixed.

IT tester for automated testing

In addition to manual testing, many software testers also perform automated testing as part of their work, mainly to automate and streamline some routine processes. When employed as an automated tester, more demands and responsibilities are placed on a software tester, but this is compensated by a higher salary (article on software tester salary).

The job of an IT automated testing tester includes tasks such as executing automated tests, creating scripts in Shell or Windows Script and automated test cases in XML, but also configuring internal tools and integrating automated testing into the so called nightly build processes. As a software tester, you will also participate in the further development of internal tools and the improvement of the company’s automated testing processes.

IT tester tests software functionality
The software tester is responsible for coordinating the entire software testing process.

What does an IT tester consultant do for the insurance industry?

In addition to IT tester job, jobs in insurance product testing also include SAP consultant or junior consultant. People in these job positions are responsible for project management, managing the software testing process and the preparation of expert functional tests as well as the creation of test cases. The consultant IT tester for the insurance industry is also responsible for supporting and advising colleagues or customers throughout the entire process of testing and deployment of our products.

What tasks are involved in the job of a business IT consultant

After the software tester and the insurance consultant, we will also give an overview of the job description of a business consultant, which can be anyone with experience in software testing, good knowledge of German as well as business processes and life insurance products in the insurance industry.

Business IT consultant provides support and advice to msg life Slovakia customers and creates expert concepts and assignments for system customization with regard to customer needs. He performs analyses of customer requirements, creates functional specifications and participates not only in the configuration and parameterization of the system, but also in the actual testing of the software. Last but not least, the business consultant is responsible for the preparation and implementation of trainings, presentations and various workshops and uses tools such as Aris, Zephir Scala or SQL Developer.

Anyone who enjoys programming, foreign languages, XML and SQL can get a job in software testing. If you are interested in the job of an IT tester and would like to participate in interesting projects, take a look at the offers IT tester jobs and become part of an international team in a leading IT company. About employee benefits at msg life Slovakia you can read more on our company’s website.

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